Linen tough as history launch photos

Most poetry launches don’t begin on the veranda of an art gallery with a dozen kids listening to a poet reading about some crazy monkeys named Fredericka and Fred . Writing and reading this poem was my way of thanking my son, Simon, my daughter, Anna and their families, as well as various friends, for bringing children to the launch. I love seeing them there.

Thanks to Carol Jenkins for making a fruitcake which perfumed the gallery, to David Musgrave for publishing the book, to Keri Glastonbury for writing the words on the back of the book, and Michael Sharkey for coming from Armidale to launch Linen Tough as History with such enthusiasm.

I felt honoured so many friends and family made it to the launch despite extraordinary weather and traffic. Afterward some of us took the opportunity to catch up and celebrate at a local Thai restaurant.

Julie and kids
photo by Brian Everingham

Addison Road Gallery
photo by Brian Everingham


Kay Harrison buying a book from David Musgrave
photo by Brian Everingham

Micheal Sharkey launching Linen tough as history

Linda Godfrey
photo by Brian Everingham


small fansphoto by Brian Everingham
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